This is a placeholder until I make a more permanant version
- Michael VE3MTM

What is KEchoLink?

For too long, there has been no good GUI front-end to EchoLinux. I tried the best one out there, the one that comes with the CLI program that uses XForms, but it's ugly, incomplete and clunky. It doesn't hold a candle to the Windows version, and that should not be.

The goal of this project is to change that by creating a graphical front-end to EchoLinux that is simple (without being simplistic), usable (without hiding the power of the system), and pretty (as all GUIs should be). It will run on KDE, using Qt, with reusable components.

Stay tuned, as things should start happening soon around here. Visit the SourceForge project page at

What is KEchoLink not?

It is not a rewrite of EchoLinux. It is front-end to that software that gives it a nice look-and-feel while leaving the details of the protocol to that software. KEchoLink sits on top of EchoLinux

Development Platform

Operating System: Gentoo Linux (originally 1.4)
GCC: 3.2.3
Qt: 3.1.2
KDE: 3.1.2